Restaurant and coffee shop

The intimate and warm service of this restaurant, along with the experiences and skills of the master chefs, will ensure that you will have perfect meal times and always remember the taste and color of this restaurant’s diverse dishes.

The restaurant’s unique lunch buffet offers a variety of tastes for all tastes due to its variety, quality and tranquil environment and a combination of Iranian cuisine and green.

Restaurant dishes


Free Breakfast

Free self-service breakfast

Original Iranian food

Original Iranian food made from the finest raw materials


صبحانه رایگان

صبحانه رایگان سلف سرویس

غذاهای اصیل ایرانی

سرو غذاهای اصیل ایرانی تهیه شده از بهترین مواد اولیه

Iranian taste

Iranian taste in cooking and serving


Iran southern food

Cook a variety of Southern dishes

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مطابق سلیقه ایرانی

استفاده از سلیقه ایرانی در پخت و سرو غذا

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غذاهای جنوب

طبخ غذاهای متنوع جنوب